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Financial Planning Lead Generation

Ledger Leads provides financial planning lead generation and appointment setting. Since 2004, we have been helping financial planning professionals and financial services companies grow their client base through targeted telemarketing campaigns. Apart from our lengthy experience, we have also developed our expertise at marketing in the financial services sector through continuing research efforts.

We combine telemarketing talent with cold calling technology in a direct marketing process tailored for the financial sector. Our telemarketing agents and appointment setters contact key decision-makers, influencers, end-users, and buyers from your target segment then qualify each prospect using a set of strict screening standards to come up with only the leads ready for conversion.

For financial planning appointment setting, we specialize in the following areas:

Wealth Management. Ledger Leads has considerable knowledge in generating wealth management and financial planning leads. Our telemarketing agents are specialists at contacting businesses and individuals of certain net worth, promoting our clients’ many consulting packages and investment vehicles. We follow a prospecting process that Identifies which prospects are interested in specific asset/wealth management services in order to develop a highly-targeted and effective campaign.

Risk Management. Ledger Leads provides the services of expert telemarketers who help generate interest and demand for your risk management and planning services from key business decision makers in your target sector. We make sure that the risk planning leads we deliver are actively looking for advice and guidance on various business risk elements so that your firm focuses on only the most promising prospects.


Management Advisory Services. Ledger Leads gives you exclusive access to a wide range of sales opportunities for your management advisory services company with our comprehensive contact database and professional telemarketers. Our cold calling specialists are well able to promote MAS specializations such as management consulting, information technology consulting, human resources consulting, and many others.

Tax Planning. Ledger Leads gives you the chance to market your tax planning credentials to the right audience and reap the benefits of a highly-targeted lead generation and appointment setting campaign. Our team of telemarketing specialists can help you find real opportunities for corporate and personal tax planning leads and appointments that can readily be converted into paying clients.

Estate Planning. Ledger Leads is your number-one telemarketing partner for promoting your estate planning services to your desired audience. Our proprietary database yields prospects having the required demographic and economic attributes that ideal estate planning leads and appointments should possess. Our sales professionals are highly-experienced in marketing trusts, life settlement planning, retirement planning, etc. and will surely be able to cater to your own products as well.

Cash Flow and Liability Management. Ledger Leads puts your financial services expertise in front of prospects seeking cash flow and liability management advice. From handling liquidity issues to mortgage asset-liability management, our team of professional telemarketers can communicate your marketing message in a way that businesses and consumers relate to. Every b2b lead or appointment we deliver has a very high probability for conversion in a shorter amount of time.

Our goal is to let you enjoy the full benefit of Ledger Leads’ brand of marketing services. We want you to experience a highly productive prospecting campaign for your financial services firm.

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