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Your Waterloo in Financial Lead Generation

January 14th, 2013

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The Battle of Waterloo

Napoleon Bonaparte was a great man but nonetheless he was defeated Download the contract form. After all, no one is free of the possibility of defeat no matter how great they may be. Napoleon was defeat during the Battle of Waterloo and since then the term Waterloo has become a way of describing something or someone’s weakness Chirashi download. If your financial services company is doing well in terms of lead generation then you should keep in mind that your program is not free of meeting its own Waterloo 청담동 살아요 다운로드.

Despite being the strategic genius that he was, Napoleon was still defeated by Wellington. So despite how well you have planned your tactics in getting you more leads, you cannot completely dismiss the possibility that you will fail in the future 아는형님 트와이스 다운로드.

Your financial services lead generation campaign is not free from the possibility of failure. Here are 3 areas in your campaign which you may want to look into to spot for potential weaknesses:

Check on how much you are spending.

The first area to take a look into would be into how much you are spending to keep your campaign going. No matter if you have outsourced your campaign or have it done in-house, you should still assess how much money you are putting behind your lead generation program. For all we know, your campaign could be running you dry because of how much you are spending.

Check on how much you are making.

What is your lead generation campaign for? Obviously the answer is to help you generate more financial leads, like accounting services leads or financial planning leads. However, even if you are acquiring a good number of leads it would all be for nothing if none of those leads actually convert into sales.

Are you getting a positive ROI? If yes, you have nothing to worry about. If no, then your campaign has a very serious weakness – it is not helping you generate any income.

Check if your strategy is targeting the right prospects.

Often enough when companies do lead generation for a long while they lose sight of who their real customers are. Well, since you are a financial services firm you have a clear idea of who you should be marketing your services to, however, that does not mean that your tactics are still targeted towards the right prospects.

Consider assessing your current lead generation strategy and see whether your plans help you attract your ideal customers.

Your lead generation program is never free from weaknesses so you should always keep a sharp eye on factors which seem like a potential weakness to your campaign. Make sure your business to business lead generation campaign and strategy is working fine and doesn’t end up facing its very own Waterloo!

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