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Your Accounting Leads Don’t Require Your Business Be Perfect

September 13th, 2014

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It sounds like an excuse, but it’s still a fact. You don’t have to offer the most flawless performance in order to generate leads for accountants Free jar games. What you really need is something more realistic: Being better.

The thing about generating accounting leads is that you have to understand the different buyer personas that make up your target market 헤놀로지 6.2 다운로드. The idea of ‘better’ and the idea of ‘perfect’ don’t have to be synonymous. By just presenting yourself as the better provider, you take off the burden of living up to extremely high expectations while at the same time, focus on acquiring targeted prospects 뫼신사냥꾼 다운로드.

Here are three ways you can project your brand of services as the better choice without necessarily being too perfect:

Better according to prospect preferences

As earlier implied, what defines a ‘perfect’ accounting service can be very subjective. Just run a quick survey among your current clients and you’ll see. Better yet, review your buyer profiles. What is it that customers look for the most in your business. What do you do to improve it? What are its current flaws? Going for perfection can sometimes have you focusing on what doesn’t need to be improved. You can fix this simply by asking prospects and customers on what that would be.

Better in terms of performance

If you’ve heard of the adage ‘perfect is the enemy of good’ it can be misconstrued to undermine quality for the sake of curing perfectionism. That doesn’t have to be the case. You can (and should) still focus on making your company into the best that it can be. Don’t market successes you never made but don’t hide the ones you did either. Avoid pitching services you don’t provide but highlight everything that you do well.

Better simply as far as costs go

Okay, so you really can’t compete with a much higher-end provider because your services might be even more expensive if you tried. What do you instead? You look at other competitors who are in the same price range. How can you offer the same level of services but beating them all in terms of costs? If you can present your business in this way, you can stop worrying about being too cheap or too pricy.

When clients complain about the quality of your services, it doesn’t mean your marketing efforts are about to lose out. It’s perfectly fine to admit the flaws of your business. You become more honest and create more rapport that way. Just don’t forget that these flaws don’t keep you from presenting yourself as the better provider compared to what else is out there.

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