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Why You Should Start Looking for Financial Planning Leads Right Now?

March 31st, 2016

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Long before David Mendels became an advisor, he saw the importance of financial planning leads no matter what a person’s age is Ied the contract article.

He was in his 20s when a married couple he knew from college were killed in a private plane crash. While their death was devastating enough for loved ones, the agonizing part was that they had a 3-year-old daughter Download comback 5.0.

Each half of their extended family wanted to do the right thing by taking custody of the young girl in regards to financial planning leads Inside Out Dubbing. The situation had the potential for much ugliness among in-laws, until it was discovered the couple had created a will only days before their death. In it the wife’s brother was named as their daughter’s guardian. And at that point, because the young parents’ wishes were clear, all arguing stopped with the financial planning leads.

But what all planners agree on is the benefits of financial planning leads, regardless of your age.

“I’m passionate about the process of financial planning leads,” said Evensky of Evensky & Katz/Foldes Financial. “People need to go through it.”

He added, “Everyone’s future will depend on their insurance and their money saved. And to do it [without financial planning leads] is a dangerous way to live your life.”

“If you are parents of small children, I don’t care if you don’t have two nickels to rub together,” said Mendels, a certified financial planner and director of planning at Creative Financial Concepts. “You have to have a will and name someone to be a guardian for your children. You have to take care of your kids,” he explained in financial planning leads chart.

Having a will is just one aspect of financial planning leads that depends on where you are in life. And, as illustrated above, financial planning leads is about more than investments and retirement savings.

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