To be a good marketer, learn from Donald Trump « ledgerleads_blog

To be a good marketer, learn from Donald Trump

September 4th, 2015

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Donald trump has taken the world by storm when he announced his candidacy in the 2016 presidential election last June.Agree or not, there’s no doubt that Trump campaign has caught the eyes of the media Download Dare Langgritsa.

Only time can tell if Trump can be the president of the United States of America, but from my point of view, I could say that Trump has successfully won the public attention 윈도우7 업데이트 파일 다운로드. He know’s how to run things, he’s been doing so when he took control of “The Trump Organization” in 1971.

So, the question is “How can you become a good marketer from watching Trump?” Well, you just need to analyze Trumps action and think “What am I going to do?” if you can’t think of any then here’s some of my views on trump that I can say will help marketers Westworld Episode 1.

  1. Know yourself – As we all know, everyone is different. The way we think, speak and even understand is different from other people. So there’s no doubt that if you can say “I am me, and I am the only one who knows myself” to yourself and accept it. Then you are walking the right to becoming a good marketer.
  2. Know your audience – After knowing yourself or accepting the fact that you are different then you must now know your audience. If your audience is somewhat irritating and stubborn, then you should care. Only those who will follow you will understand and listen to what you are about to say.
  3. Don’t please everyone – Trump does what he wants. This is one aspect that everyone should follow. You are not born to be a people-pleaser and the mere fact that you can’t please everyone should give you a hint that you shouldn’t.

This three will be my only tips for you to be a good marketer. The rest is for you to find and apply.


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