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The B2B Buying Process through Lead Nurturing

June 21st, 2016

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Marketers engage in various lead-generating activities to identify prospective customers nahimic 다운로드. However, all marketers (and sales people) know that merely generating a lead is just the first step in having a qualified lead. The job of a marketer is not just to generate a large quantity of leads, but to furnish sales people with high-quality, qualified leads to ensure the most productive use of sales’ time 영화 벨 다운로드.

Today’s buyers conduct online research for solutions independently, only engaging with sales people towards the end of their information gathering process Download Cinderella 2015. By providing relevant educational materials, marketers have an opportunity to help potential buyers in their research and begin building a relationship with prospects earlier than ever before. Ultimate success requires sustaining the relationship. To hold prolonged interest, communications need to be in sync with various points along the buyer’s journey.

Some lead nurturing best practices include:

  • Personalize. Lead qualification forms need to ask the right questions to yield specific interest- and need-related data. Marketers can then leverage that data by providing links to customized landing pages that speak directly to the buyers’ precise needs and interests.
  • Deliver real value. Communications should be educational, relevant and unique, with a high perceived value. Delivering appropriate communications requires marketers to develop a content strategy that maps the type of content (white papers, infographics, webinars, etc.) to the stage where prospects are in their buying journey. Early in the information-gathering, buyers seek out general, educational information. Later in the process, marketing materials can (and should) be more persuasive and convey to prospects what is unique about your company and why they should buy from you.
  • Track responses. All user actions (e-mail opens, clicks, page visits and time spent, downloads, etc.) need to be tracked. This response data can be used to ensure that subsequent messages are relevant, targeted and refined over time.

As a result of the long-tail nature of the B2B buying process, many of the leads that are generated are early in their discovery and research process, and are neither qualified nor ready to be passed off to a sales person. While many of these prospects may not yet be ready to buy today, many will buy eventually. This is where lead nurturing comes in.

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