Telemarketing Tips – Boston Tea and Tax Rights « ledgerleads_blog

Telemarketing Tips – Boston Tea and Tax Rights

July 5th, 2014

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The Boston Tea Party is the most iconic turning point at the start of the American Revolution 멍청이 다운로드. But while most people remember folks dressing up as Indians and dumping tea crates, let’s not forget the real reason why they did that: Taxation without representation 캐롤린과 재키 다운로드.

Whether you’re telemarketing for accountants, financial advisers, or tax consultants, the 4th of July is a good occasion to celebrate rights regarding taxation 인피니트 bad 다운로드. Regardless of politics, discussing those rights can improve rapport between yourselves and your prospects as well as share your expertise.

Of course, this carries the risk of opening a really huge can of worms. There are just so many hot-button issues regarding taxation today and you don’t want your town hall of customers and prospects getting out of hand. That’s why you need to list down your primary objectives for opening such discussions and stay focused on them:

  • Make it one-on-one – Keeping it between yourself and your individual prospect can keep tensions down. Not all prospects think alike and this can lead to differing attitudes regarding taxes. Direct, one-on-one telemarketing conversations keep these attitudes from clashing.
  • Give them a voice – You may or may not agree but your objective is to give them a voice on the matter. Letting them express their views on taxation can also be an indirect way of finding out any problems they have with their own financial management.
  • Be a strong informant – If a prospect has any questions, know that the core value of your business is being tested. If you’re marketing any financial service, you obviously have to show you know what you’re talking about.
  • Talk a bit about history – Also, you can’t have the 4th of July without making people think about American history. If a certain law or policy prompts a history discussion, don’t hesitate to take part! It’s another way to show how much you and your prospects understand the issue.
  • Set a timeframe –To give everyone a voice, it’s necessary to give everyone an equal amount of time to express their views. Make sure your conversations are neither rushed nor do they drag. You might have a lot of prospects to interview after all.

Finally, don’t forget to ask permission from your prospects and give them good reasons for asking. The 4th of July is one of the best times to talk American history and it’s good topic for engaging your B2B prospects!

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