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Telemarketing the Necessary Evils in Finance

March 3rd, 2014

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When it comes to financial services, there’s really a lot of dread when it comes to the phone Salty Tour of Hanoi. No, telemarketing calls about mortgage schemes or credit card management hardly frighten. What business owners truly fear are calls from collectors and loan sharks Download aapt.exe.

Unfortunately, these fears only worsen the general attitude towards a necessary evil in the finance industry. Money that is lent must be returned navercloud photos. It’s that simple. But at the same time, marketing the services that ask for that return make you look like a crime lord (or at least, the right hand man of one).

Is there a way to change all this? Can you openly market a service that strikes fear into the hearts of many? How can you call a prospect and help them come to grips with its necessity?

  • Adopt an educational tone – When you were kids, sensitive topics were best approached with the purpose of education. And while your prospects may be far more knowledgeable (and more mature), it doesn’t make education any less of a tranquilizer for topics like debt collection.
  • Explain the real cons – Think of it like pulling a bad tooth. Everyone scared of the dentist because of it. However, many educational materials teach the importance of taking out bad teeth. Why not do something similar and explain why collecting debt on time is so important?
  • Have a clean record – The best token of good faith is really hard proof that you’re not a criminal. Make sure you not only meet the requirements of an authorized collection agency, you wear it like a badge of honor.
  • Teach them to teach others – Another sign of good intentions is to actually teach people how to avoid the nasty side of debt collection. Supplement your telemarketing with a campaign that aims to reduce the growth of debt. Help your prospects help others from giving you a reason to come knocking.

It’s easy to start blaming media, pop culture, or even real criminals for the vilification of debt collection. Does that really make it easier to accept though? No. So instead, why not try something that might even take out the ‘evil’ and just make the service necessary?

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