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Telemarketing Lead Generation – A Key to Impersonal Convenience

May 24th, 2014

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Getting personal has worked small wonders for companies working financial services. Banks, advisors, and even accountants tend to work better with clients who actually treat their connection like a real, human relationship Play Store app.

It’s also been said that the introduction of data technology can only improve those relationships by making it easier to know things about clients and prospects 여행의 이유 다운로드. More data certainly does improve lead generation campaigns and helps you predict buyer behavior.

And yet, is observing behavioral data and tailoring automated marketing responses really the way to communicate 충북소통메신저 다운로드? Is it really the sort conversation that nurtures human B2B relationships?

Ideally, many financial organizations and advisers use the latest info on a prospect/customer so that they can find a chance to serve 경성대 다운로드. Sure, there’s a profit motive behind it but the point is it’s not the only intention.

Unfortunately, the electronic nature of simply knowing, analyzing, and sending some sort of automated response puts companies at risk of hollowing out their relationships with customers 삼성 리커버리 솔루션 5 다운로드. True, it may be convenient on both ends for technology to inform one company so to generate an automated response to a client’s.

On the other hand, the convenience becomes more impersonal as the conversation is less dynamic that way Melon from Mac. Ironically, one old form of marketing already experienced the ill consequences of automatic response before the big data trend: telemarketing.

Telemarketing has always been on the short end when it comes to either robotic scripts (or just plain old robotic calls) puppy game. How is it any different when you replace the voice with a generic email copy or some form of automated notification? Real conversation is dynamic, prone to changes in tone, and arguably easier to control 드래곤 매니아 레전드 다운로드.

This brings us to the second irony: Telemarketing does that. The industry just had to make a few mistakes of its own to realize it.

But of course, this still carries other risks java 이전버전 다운로드. Imagine knowing so much about a prospect but never actually having a conversation. How do you make calls regarding the things you discovered without coming off as overtly creepy or invasive Korean drama?

  • Put it in big, bold letters… elsewhere – Is it really so hard to say, “HEY! FILL THIS UP AND WE’LL GIVE YOU A CALL WHENEVER YOU NEED US!!!” on your website? A prospect is more open to a real phone call if they actually saw firsthand that such is your marketing MO.
  • Don’t be too controlling – Like in any relationship, it’s not good to be too controlling. Should a prospect ask for advice (as is often the case), encourage them to solve it themselves as best as they can. Even if some parts of a solution are best left to you, you should avoid micro-managing whenever you can.
  • Make the follow-ups more personal – Remember, typical B2B telemarketing usually well with a set sales appointment. And what’s an appointment? It’s a chance to keep talking! Make a note to your salespeople that you actually talked with a prospect/customer and that you expect nothing less from their own presentations/pitches.

The convenience brought by data technology and electronic communication do make a quick work of things. But when it comes to the important conversation between business and customer, there’s more value in being able to just talk.

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