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You, the Phone, and Financial Lead Generation

January 25th, 2013

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lead generation, financial sales leads, telemarketing, financial services lead generation, financial planning leads, accounting services leads, tax sales leads, financing leads, insurance sales leads, business sales leads, telemarketing, outbound telemarketingMarketing financial services and generating business sales leads is a difficult tasks that many companies within this industry face. Due to the fact that it is a service that deals with money though, it is often sought after by many businesses that need a helping hand in financial affairs. Even with a much sought after service, financial services lead generation is still a difficult task and many financial services firms often need to go to great lengths just to market their companies.

When it comes to selling services related to finances, deals are usually done over a long amount of time. A single proposal could be looked at for months on end before a company decides to either go with the services offered by one company or to seek out another potential provider. One thing is for certain though and that is that generating leads cannot be achieved through common marketing tactics executed by other businesses across other industries. (more…)

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