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Should Financial Services Leads Be Segregated?

May 10th, 2013

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Segregating your financial services leads is actually a wise thing to do but it is often misunderstood by a lot of people (especially in industries like financial services) TOEIC mock test. One common complaint is segregation based on labels like wealth. If you have had trouble acquiring sales leads in a bad economy, words like ‘wealth’ do not seem to sit well to the point that just using the term to organize prospects has stigmatized as a form of prejudice National Bank app.

Segregating Sales Leads Despite Silly Misunderstandings

Sales Leads, Financial Sales Leads, Lead GenerationSuch misunderstandings can get quite popular (especially with the internet acting in as a large soap box) Download the annoyance. Your financial sales leads are more vulnerable than ever to the charges of people who have a beef with your so-called ‘preferential treatment’ towards those who pay you more. This can happen anywhere between targeting your business leads, like financial planning leads or accounting leads, when those leads result in customers that need to be organized. How do you respond?

  • Common sense – It is widely common sense in business that a majority of your sales and revenue come from only a smaller percentage of all your customers. If your sales leads are more successful from repeat business than they are with smaller, less frequent clients then why should you be blamed for favoring the former? The former keeps your business running!

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  • Cost of your services – When targeting financial leads, you need to determine a prospect’s budget. That is not discrimination based on wealth. It is a test of a prospect’s capability to afford your consultation as well as implementing your advice. Sure, you can offer something for sales leads detailing smaller budgets but again, you cannot be blamed if your expertise lies in handling bigger numbers.
  • Customer privacy – You are already (or at least should) impose top security for any sensitive information during your financial services lead generation process. It only follows that discussions with business clients will only demand more security if you will be managing larger figures. These are the kind of figures that could reach high enough that any sort of compromise could jeopardize the economy of a whole country.

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The above are just some of the many reasons for companies in the financial service industry do not just pile all their sales leads in a single compartment. The need to segregate is founded well on the basis of simple logic, the reality of costs, and the need to ensure customer’s privacy when discussing sensitive financial information.

So the next time somebody complains about the way you organize your financial services leads, let them know that all of you stand more to lose if you generate leads with less care and organization.

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