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Sales Leads – Learn To Double Team With Them!

March 16th, 2013

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Sales Leads, Financal Sales Leads, Lead Generation

When qualifying sales leads, it can sometimes get really hard to avoid arguing with a prospect 상장 테두리 다운로드. It feels like the whole lead generation process is no longer about finding interested customers but picking a fight with someone. And given the often sensitive nature of financial-related topics, it should not be surprising repository. How does one acquire sales leads who look to themselves for every reason to say no?


Qualifying Sales Leads Means Neither You Nor The Customer Are Always Right

First off, there are two types of conventional wisdom at work here turning mecard go. One is the assumption that the customer is always right. If there is an objection, then it must be valid (which ends up costing you plenty of sales leads as a result). The second type is actually the opposite extreme: you are a financial service firm so you know better. Always. Alas, that does not make you look any less arrogant and will not net you any business leads.

Perhaps what makes this more interesting is that you both still are likely dealing with the same financial problem. The only difference is that you and your prospect have different approaches. Ever wondered why it has yet to occur to you to actually work together with them? That is what it means to qualify with seemingly disagreeable sales leads. You have to double team on a problem instead of brawling with each other.

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You see it all the time in movies and TV. The real enemy is neither you nor your sales leads. It is the problem you both have identified. The problem is like the big bad wolf who easily manages to subvert all your attacks and moves. The reasons for why it is so are also pretty obvious:

  • Your knowledge is limited – More specifically, maybe you do not know enough about a prospect to understand why they do not opt for your management advice. Have you forgotten that this was exactly what your financial sales leads are supposed to teach you? Do not just paint them all with a broad brush. Qualifying sales leads means differentiating them from previous ones!

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  • Your customer’s knowledge is limited – Your customer on the other hand might very well be clueless regarding the finer points of financial planning. Their goals are simple and well-outlined but it is only when you qualify them as sales leads that they can begin appreciating (and understanding) why you believe you can help.

Again, it is not so hard to see how effective it would be to double team with your prospects when qualifying sales leads like financial planning leads or management consulting leads. When there are gaps in either of your knowledge, it is only logical that putting them together can result in a combination attack that will deal better with your common problem. Start using business lead generation to double-team!

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