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One-to-Many Tactic in Lead Generation

June 15th, 2016

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There are many tactics available to you for generating leads 무료 부트스트랩 다운로드. Some are “one-to-one” tactics like direct mail and email, and others are “one-to-many” tactics like traditional advertising, public speaking and article writing 3m 포스트잇 다운로드.

One-to-many tactics

While one-to-many tactics don’t have the precision or predictability of one-to-one tactics, they can produce leads and build your reputation 더 바디 자막 다운로드. Some require an investment of money. Others require an investment of time. Some or all of these tactics should be part of your marketing mix.

Website SEO – When you properly optimize your website for the search engines, you will be generating free traffic from people who are looking for services related to what you sell. What could be better than that? Blogging and video can improve your search engine ranking. Use your offer to convert your website traffic into sales leads.

Pay per click – Through Google Adwords (and other search engines), you can place small text ads on search engine pages and pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Which keywords you select and how you bid on those keywords are the key challenges. Use your offer to convert those clicks into leads.

Online advertising – There is no shortage of online advertising opportunities. You can find a website or a blog that serves your market – or find a network that helps you reach multiple websites or blogs. Use your offer to capture your sales leads.

Print advertising – This may seem like old school, but print advertising can still work. Pricing is going to be higher than online, but check it out on a small scale. The results may justify the added expense. If it works, go larger and see if your results follow suit. Again, make your offer the centerpiece of your ad.

Trade shows – Assuming the trade show is well matched to your target audience, this can be a great opportunity to put yourself in front of prospects. Use this opportunity to talk with prospects face to face, but also use your offer as an incentive for collecting leads from those who don’t stop to talk.

Social networking – For social media networks that reach your target audience (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other smaller networks), you can promote (or least mention) your offer through posts and comments. If readers want your offer, they can come to your website, leave their contact information and download it.

Article writing – Getting your articles published in industry publications, websites and blogs is a great way to build your credibility and authority. Write as often as you can, but always make sure your “author bio” includes your offer. This will bring more people back to your website.

Public speaking – Put together a presentation or two – and get yourself booked for speaking gigs at industry conferences, seminars, webinars and other events. In your closing remarks, make sure you mention your offer and give people a way to respond.

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