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Misleading Leads from Misleading Content

May 31st, 2014

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Sometimes misleading content isn’t misleading by any fault on its own. Take this Forbes article on Popeyes shares catching up dangerously close to KFC 워크래프트 맵 다운로드.

Others may not be so lucky. In an age of increasingly dominating online content, you only want authentic prospects looking you up and converting into high-probability sales leads 네트워크 컨트롤러 다운로드.

Luckily, many an expert marketer will tell you that a filled up form or an inbound inquiry isn’t automatically a lead Grinch. For example, if you want sales leads for accounting businesses, you’d still want to learn more things like the kind of business a prospect runs or how big they are.

That doesn’t help when your content uses keywords or titles that aren’t tailored enough to attract the right audience. That’s how bounce rates tend to get worse on your site. It’s also how some prospects grow confused over the topics you discuss and the actual services you provide.

So what are some quick and easy ways to tweak your marketing content so that readers and viewers will be given a more accurate impression?

  • Think like your prospect – This sounds like a no-brainer but again, look at the Popeyes example. Given the confusion between Popeye the Sailor and Popeyes the fast food chicken chain, you’re only piling the confusion when you say it’s beating a fat-inducing rival like KFC. Think about it, what could it have also meant if Popeyes stood more for a vegan franchise? (The sailor is more about spinach after all.)
  • Know where impressions are strongest – In a world of fast-paced content, the title alone is already half the contest. If you don’t know the first thing that gets a prospect’s attention, following-up with anything will be of little help. Don’t just think in terms of technical SEO. Again, think like a real reader. Even if you’re at the top result of a Google search, your prospect’s not going to click if you’re still far from what they’re looking for.
  • Get behind the search – Ever wondered what goes in a prospect’s mind when they’re searching for information? This is where the process of prospecting and lead nurturing is wholly undervalued. It’s the best opportunity to ask a prospect about what they were thinking as they were searching. It’s not just your salespeople who’ll benefit. It can also help you dig deeper into their minds as you create materials that are more aligned with their needs.

If you’ve been frustrated by your own Google searches sometimes, then you know what happens when you follow misleading content. Avoid creating the same problems with others and fine-tune your marketing materials to be less misleading.

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