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Lead Generation Tips – Stick Close To An Event’s Purpose!

February 26th, 2013

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Events are a popular means of lead generation, especially among those in the B2B sector such as accounting firms 김연아 다운로드. On the other hand, one of the most common mistakes in using events for lead generation is losing relevancy by not sticking close to what the event itself is actually about 신의퀴즈 리부트 15화 다운로드. This is why it is important also apply the principles of targeted marketing to selecting events in which to market your business.

Steps For Keeping Your Lead Generation Strategy A Part Of The Party

Lead Generation, Accounting Lead Generation, Sales LeadsHere is the interesting part: sticking close to an event does not necessarily have to mean you have to be the life the party so to speak 편지지 편지봉투 다운로드. Sure, it is not exactly flattering for accountants to have a boring job image (and it is not good for lead generation either). That does not mean you should be a shameless attention seeker. What matters is how you can still be an important part of that event.

  • What is the main nature of the event? – Is it a trade show? A fundraiser? An awareness event? There are actually a greater variety of events you could participate in for accounting services leads. Your lead generation strategy does not necessarily have to limit itself strictly to accounting conventions (even though that is generally advised to be safe).

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  • How are you participating in an event? – Even if the event is a party and attendees are expected to have fun, other groups are still participating in a more business-like fashion (e.g. caterers, photographers, journalists etc). Your accounting lead generation strategy should focus solely on a similar role. Try to join events that actually employs your services or accounting expertise in some way.
  • How do you get attention during the event? – Your activities alone may not garner enough interest for your lead generation campaign so do not hesitate to have things like business cards or brochures to catch people’s eye. That way, even while you are focused on your contribution to the event, potential prospects could have some contact data to go one (or maybe even the other way around).

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  • What do you do with any attention garnered? – Any amount of attention, no matter how little, should be acted upon. When you managed to acquire a few contact numbers, give them a call. If you receive email inquiries that were the result of the event, try to send them further into the lead generation process! Do not just ignore them when you were not expecting much.

Relevancy is actually important in any lead generation activity, whether it is relevant marketing materials or relevant targets for your accounting services. In the case of events, you really should do everything to stick close to that event’s purpose and not just blindly use it as another chance to generate sales leads.

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