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Lead Generation Tips – Handle Customer Speculation

March 2nd, 2013

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Speculation can be quite common in financial services regardless of how ill-advised it may be. Your lead generation campaign however must ensure that such speculation does not go out of hand. You think that only the industries like television, technology, and gaming have to deal with prevailing misconceptions and bad predictions? A financial lead generation strategy also has to double for PR control at some point.

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Getting Lead Generation To Control The Flow Of Information

This is one of the challenges of using your own customers to help you generate your financial services leads. Sometimes what they generate in your target market is actually from a baseless rumor. Maintaining interest that way may be good for your lead generation campaign now but withholding the truth will always come back to harm you in the future.

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Hence, your lead generation strategy should be mixed with tactics that will control the kind of information spreading among both prospects and current customers. The following is a short list of measures you can implement to minimize the chance of speculation turning into misleading rumors:

  • Have an honest record – Honesty is the best policy. Remember, your B2B lead generation strategy is one of your means of communicating with your market. If you have been consistent and honest with the messages you have expressed through it, it will be difficult for your prospects to doubt you.
  • Be wary of keeping secrets – On the other, suppose you really want them to do a bit of guess work just for fun. Excitement is good for keeping them interested after all. Still, teasing hints can backfire if your lead generation strategy leaves it unchecked. Maintain an eye on the reaction and jump in when speculation starts going beyond what you intended to convey.

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  • Know when to not speak at all – If you think silence is golden, you can be right provided you know how much in proportion your customers will read into it. If your lead generation campaign involves no revealing whatsoever, then your best bet is to keep it that way if you want every speculation made by prospects to be just that. Speculation.

In fact, it can even be more serious in the financial services industry if there is too much whispering and rumor-mongering in the market. A good lead generation campaign inspires only trust and does not leave anything to put your customers in the dark. You do not need to share everything for qualified sales leads but make sure speculation does not cloud the truth!

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