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Identify The Appropriate Accounting Prospect

March 28th, 2012

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It’s easy to say that accounting these days is an industry that’s all over the place. There are times where it dips outside of itself and into other departments within a business organization. There are other times when it’s set to three different tasks in a single day. Other days you have three different accounting services doing the same process but for different reasons. It’s not even surprising when people start confusing some of its functions with that of others. Accounting usually ends up performing them anyway!

This sheer complexity is perhaps one of the greatest difficulties for companies that offer accounting services. You never know what a prospect might expect from you and you sure as heck don’t want to bombard them with too many irrelevant details (regardless of what medium of communication you prefer). Email marketing? They’ll find you too long to read. Telemarketing? They think you talk too much.

Obviously, research and gathering information play a key role in your B2B lead generation. For those of you in countries that are becoming increasingly bustling and teeming with business activity, the variety of accounting needs will only complicate itself further. Take Singapore for instance. As one of the Asian Tigers, more and more businesses are rising (and coming) into the Lion City. This can either spell prosperity or chaos for accounting firms wanting to make the most out of the economic growth.

Furthermore, there’s still remains the ever present cost of maintaining the quality of your actual services. So how are you going to get your information if you can’t even invest in the capacity?

It’s simple, you just outsource instead. In fact there are some companies that do telemarketing in Singapore. Why not give them call and find the appropriate prospect?

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