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How to Use Telemarketing For Lead Generation & Customer Support

December 20th, 2012

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lead generation, B2B telemarketing, business sales leads, financial services leads, financial sales leadsTelemarketing is something that is commonplace within the world of B2B Download Buzz Thorns. When it comes to lead generation, plenty of businesses still prefer to make use of this age-old, tried and tested approach to getting themselves high-quality financial services leads 알집 무료 다운로드. Another thing that telemarketing is commonly used for is in handing customer support.

When we are in possession of certain things, we normally only ever use them for one purpose 조디악 다운로드. For instance, a flashlight gives us light in dark places so we can have sight. It cannot really be used as a lightsaber to fend off attackers (we wish it could though) 2019 달력. When it comes to lead generation as well as customer support, telemarketing is flexible enough thus allowing it to be used for both needs. 

Want to know how B2B telemarketing can be used for lead generation and customer support? Here’s a short guide to help you out:


Turning B2B telemarketing into your lead generator.

Using B2B telemarketing for lead generation is not as easy as you would think. You cannot simply just pick up the phone and make a call to another business. Doing lead generation through the phone required proper planning as well as heavy use of contact information.

If you want to turn your B2B telemarketing campaign into a good lead generator, then you are going to have to make sure that you have all the right equipment – software, phones, computers, etc; reliable and talented marketing staff to serve as your telemarketers; calling lists that provide you with relevant prospect contact information and tireless lead nurturing program.

Although it takes some financial investment, turning B2B telemarketing into a lead generator gets you visible results, such as seeing an increased number of business financial sales leads you generate.


Turning B2B telemarketing into customer support.

Customer support is about providing your customers with some much needed help when they encounter certain problems in using a product you sell, or when they have something to ask about your offered services. When it comes to service customers, telemarketers are some of the best customer support attendants around.

All you would really need create a customer support campaign out of B2B telemarketing is to have a team of phone operators that understand your operations and are able to explain to clients your campaign/product specifics as well as answer questions in relation to what your company does.

In truth though, you can find the right marketing mix to maximize your efforts with B2B telemarketing and using it for lead generation and customer support.

So how do you combine lead generation with customer support through B2B telemarketing and turn it into an effective marketing mix? Well that’s a topic best left for another blog post! Stay tuned until next time where we’ll talk about combining lead generation with customer support.

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