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How to Time Your Holiday Email Marketing Spree

December 19th, 2013

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Your email content can have all the games, videos, or all the other winning gimmicks but it could mean nothing if your campaign isn’t planned on schedule avchd 코덱. Don’t wait till the last minute to figure out the time as well as the action. It’s like getting ready for a big holiday splurge but if you don’t plan out your purchases, you either wind up over budget or the stuff you wanted got bought ahead of you ruby on rails 다운로드.

And speaking of which, you’d be surprised how much marketing action B2B companies get during this time of year muzhiwan. B2B brands actually deploy fewer emails in November and December, but the views they get on online properties see a huge jump! So naturally, this season is no longer an excuse for slacking off on your sales leads. It’s more likely that your prospects are still taking the time to educate themselves about B2B products and services.

Don’t miss your chance to use this spike in holiday traffic to boost your email campaign! You can start with the following tips:

  1. Start emailing early. Even before they start arriving on your website, it’s best to catch their attention early. You also need to consider which products are fit for some holiday highlighting. You might even want to cite statistics on holiday business habits to help fuel demand for anything financial-related.

  3. Send habitually. You can’t always tell how many contacts reach a purchase decision so one-off emails are simply less effective than regular communications. This goes especially when you’re offering a wider variety of services/products. Don’t stop until you figure out which appeals to who.

  5. Always remember basics. Some of these are as follows:
    1. A line that includes the brand name.
    2. Subject line that catches attention (yes, easier said than done but at least try).
    3. Clear call-to-action
    4. Proper links to the website

Whether it’s shopping or marketing, it’s always good to time an activity even when everything else is all set. No point setting everything all up if you miss your chance to put it into action.

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