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Get Better Lead Generation Through Segmentation

November 27th, 2012

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lead generation, sales lead generation, business to business leadsIn doing lead generation, it is wise to know right from the start who you should approach in a particular manner. Of course, not every lead you generate may be as interested as your other prospect so you cannot simply just come at them with the same mentality that you are going to close them soon income tax return. The best way to determine how and when to approach a particular prospect is through segmenting your leads lists early on in your campaign.

Why does it matter to do segmentation? Can’t you just deal with all of your prospects in the same way? It’s marketing after all, so why shouldn’t we just toss all our offers at them and hope one bites the hook Windows 10 Store. Well, truth be told, that way of thinking should now be rendered obsolete. Back then maybe you could have that mindset but today, prospect engagement matters and unless you do marketing in the right way, you are never going to get a good sale.

Much has changed in the business landscape over time. Today, almost no one makes a sudden purchase just because they need something green. People nowadays research before making a decision to buy, and it’s a company’s job to engage their customers and clients when the need arises. However, you will not know when to do so if you just lump your leads together and do not practice segmentation.


Segmentation helps you find the right leads hy견명조 무료 다운로드.

Lead generation strategies help us get more leads. However, at times, we may not be able to attract the kinds of leads we want, my meaning being that we do not get sales-ready prospects all of the time 묻지마세요 다운로드. As such, you should know how to tell the prospects worth pursuing apart from those that you should only engage on a minimal level until they move up in the buying cycle. As such, finding the right leads is essential to your success as a company.


Learn to segment your leads.

Learning to segment your leads may not be something you know greatly about. Fortunately, it is not something that is all too complicated for you to understand. Actually, all you may really need in performing lead segmentation is criteria with which to build helpful lists. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Segment leads according to industry – Different companies in various industries you encounter may have different needs thus may need a different approach from you to close them later on.
  • Segment leads according to level of need – Leads that express a much higher need of your services are higher-up on the buying cycle and should be segmented into another list so that sales can handle them.
  • Segment leads according to sales lead generation methods – You have different methods of lead generation, that’s for sure. But in doing sales lead generation, leads you generate through your approaches may be further into the buying cycle, or still at a lower position. Lead acquisition method matters in dealing with these leads so segment them according to how you acquired them.
  • Segment according to company size – Company size may be part of your qualifying criteria so if it is you should segment leads according to company sizes which meet your parameters.

Getting more business to business leads is one thing, closing them is another. That is why from early on in your lead generation campaign you should already practice proper segmentation. You will find that you get far better results later on once you start moving them up in the buying cycle.

Segmentation also helps in allowing you to determine how and when to act when engaging a particular lead. Once you segment a lead into a specific list, you will be able to gauge their level of interest and will be able to understand how to approach them.

Practice lead segmentation in doing lead generation. It will most certainly affect your results, hopefully for the better of it.

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