Is Outsourced Telemarketing Suitable in Generating Financial Planning Leads? « ledgerleads_blog

Is Outsourced Telemarketing Suitable in Generating Financial Planning Leads?

September 28th, 2011

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Every body wants to know the right way to use financial resources. For example, home owners want to understand the right plan that will be able to insure college education funds for their children Download the cherry tree ppt template. Business owners, on the other hand, are so eager to determine the best approach to manage their available cash, business risks involved, taxes and liabilities 묵향 32 다운로드. Both of which aim for the same goal – to get maximum results from their decisions. But the fact remains that many of them do not know the ins and outs of financial planning Monkey Consulting.

Financial planning leads, financial planning lead generation, financial planning appointment settingIn this case, a financial planning expert, called as financial planner or adviser, can help them create the right solution. Specialists in financial planning can identify the right actions to be made and the best options to take. However, there are two main problems that financial advisors face. First, some do not know the right persons to reach. Second, if they do, they will first ask the professional assistance of the popular firms or the top guns. That leaves smaller companies to cater to those that could not afford the budget of large service providers. If you are an SMB, how are you going to make sales? If you are a major player, how can you fight off the competition?

One of the methods being maximized by many entities is outsourced telemarketing. But, would that be suitable to generate financial planning leads? Let us see with the following criteria:

Can you gain access to specialized skills with less investment? Yes. Hiring an outbound call center has always been a low-cost solution than an in-house campaign.

Does the service provider have the skilled workforce? This is a very subjective question because competencies depend on each service provider. However, the BPO industry has been replete with highly trained and experienced employees. Their manpower are proficient in cold-calling, lead qualification and appointment setting. You will not just obtain retirement planning leads, investment leads, or financial advisor leads. You will be served with sales-generating appointments that are easy-to-close.

Does it have an upgraded technology? Telemarketing firms understand the importance of technology in financial planning marketing. As such, they have acquired computer-telephony integration systems to provide fast and reliable services.

There is an effective way to win more sales other than an on-site undertaking. Get in touch with a dependable BPO partner now so you won’t miss the opportunities that abound.


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