Financial Planning Lead Generation through Telemarketing: Effective or Not? « ledgerleads_blog

Financial Planning Lead Generation through Telemarketing: Effective or Not?

October 17th, 2011

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Several companies have disclosed their dislike with telemarketing both in lead generation and appointment setting 원랜디 다운로드. They think that calling prospects without getting their consent is rude and very unprofessional. Add to that, they choose digital tools, such as email and pay per click, over offline mediums because they thought old school instruments are now outdated 레드벨벳 summer magic 다운로드. They prefer those that are cheap and easy. So, is cold-calling not effective in obtaining qualified sales leads or set-up business appointments? Is it really dead 몬헌 아이스본 다운로드? Let us found out.

financial planning lead generation, financial planning leads, financial adviser leads, financial sales leads, financial planning appointment settingSome firms offering financial services also feel the same way. They do not welcome the idea of using the phone in financial planning lead generation. But then again, a veteran like telephone does not become obsolete overnight nor it will be downright ineffective out of the blue. Just because digital revolution is the buzzword does not mean direct marketing tools are out of the picture. Let us rationalize this issue.

First, telemarketing is fast. Nobody would raise an objection about this. Even the much-touted email campaign could not match the phone in reaching prospects and receiving immediate responses. Reach and response ratios are very high when making cold calls. After all, no one would ignore a ringing phone.

Second, there are laws that protect home owners from unsolicited phone calls. Will this affect productivity? Indeed, legal, privacy and regulatory guidelines have been the biggest challenge of using the phone. But as long as rules are followed, generating financial adviser leads, like retirement planning leads or investment leads, will still be successful. With a skilled workforce, leading technology and constant improvement, success is sure to be reached.

Third, is it expensive? An in-house campaign is usually costly, considering the expenses in employment, related benefits, utilities, facility, equipment and others. But when outsourced, the cost per financial advisor lead is greatly minimized. There are outbound call centers that offer not just leads but also financial planning appointments.

So, is it right for you? It is you who decides. But think about it wisely.


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