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Financial Lead Generation To Understand Leaders

June 21st, 2013

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B2B financial lead generation campaigns are always targeting leaders. Even if it is not the CEO, there is more than a good chance that your accounting business is trying to connect with those who are in a position of authority in a company internet video link. Therefore, it only makes sense to equip information about how leaders think so that your lead generation strategy can present that which most appeals to them right?

Using Lead Generation To Get Inside Leaders Heads’

Lead Generation, Financial Lead Generation, Sales LeadsShane Atchison just posted a very informative article on LinkedIn which demonstrates several ways employees can get inside their CEO’s head Sonic & Knuckles. Obviously though, these suggestions can still apply to lead generation! You may not be an employee but the following points should be noted if you really want any of their decision makers to see around your way of thinking:

  • “1. Speak plainly” – Many of your salespeople like their accounting leads simple Easy book download. It applies the other way around. No matter what tool used in your lead generation campaign, if you cannot communicate plainly then you are wasting your prospect’s time. They cannot understand, much less appreciate the value that you are offering.
  • “2Be concise” – This may sound like a repeat of #1 but the last statement actually mirrors the conclusion of the lead generation process. You do not have to tell everything but simply everything that matters to your prospect leader’s concerns.

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  • “3. Sell your idea, not yourself” – Simply replace idea with the services of your company and you already have a picture of what your lead generator should sound like. Lead generation is not about the agent, the salesperson, or who runs it. It is about presenting how you can analyze, change or improve the many financial areas of your prospect’s business.
  • “4. Put your idea in the context of the whole business” – This is something your sales lead generation services should do even better than just employees pitching new ideas. The process is supposed to present the things that can help turn for a better course. This is the other half that compliments showing your plans for doing it.

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  • “5. Link to ongoing initiatives”A good way to start on the previous point is to focus on the matters pertaining to the present. Your lead generation strategy is not just about flashing wonderful dreams about the future. You need to be willing to help them with their present situation. There is no point offering something that they feel too stuck to take hold of.
  • “6. Be willing to take risks” – This seems so obvious, you have to wonder if it really bears repeating. However, one risk exclusive to getting qualified financial sales leads, like tax sales leads or bookkeeping services leads, is that you are also making promises. You will be held accountable to these promises so be careful about the kind of message you send out unless you deem it worth the risk.
  • “7Contact directly”In all honesty, this should be at #1. Both outsourced and in-house lead generation campaigns emphasize on contacting those with proper title and only that proper title. Sometimes you would do well to have a few backers in your prospect company but ultimately, you cannot avoid contacting the right decision maker forever.

The best leaders are those willing to take all the good help they can get. The purpose of lead generation however is to make sure they recognize you as such whenever you generate B2B leads.

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