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Financial Lead Generation – A New School of Cool

August 2nd, 2014

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The generational shifts in the workplace population aren’t just affecting companies internally windows security patch. They’re also creating new possibilities in the financial services sector. As such, your financial lead generation strategy might work best by aligning your overall message with these particular possibilities youtube 1080p to iPhone.

A good start would be this article titled The Recession Generation: How Millennials Are Changing Money Management Forever by Samantha Sharf 윈도우7 가젯 다운로드. To summarize several of Sharf’s main points, here are the things that companies in the financial services sector need to focus on in light of the increasing Millennial influence:

  • The need for tech – Technology is one major feature in Sharf’s article as today’s workplace (marketing included) is defined by the speed and accessibility of information. Switching between desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, technology plays a staple role in the Millennial lifestyle.  Don’t just see this as a call to implement more tech in your entire business but to market those implementations for younger prospects to see.
  • Layman’s terms – Trying to give financial management the same look and feel as a video game belies something simpler. Today’s generation can speak an entirely different version of corporate talk. Arguably, it’s one closer to the man on the street. You might want to consider a stronger emphasis on visual content. It might also mean breaking down prospect education into smaller steps so that they’re not overwhelmed by information.
  • Desire for security – You don’t need any expert to tell you that marketing isn’t all about discussing your company. It’s discussing about what your company can do for the prospects. That’s a no brainer for Millennials and financial services. The former wants security and the latter just has a lot to prove when it comes to providing/planning for it.
  • Speed – Finally, when tech and layman’s terms are involved, you can bet these are signs of customers that don’t have much time to spare. You can complain about shortsightedness and short attention spans some other time. If you want to cater to an audience of next-gen investors, the need for speed is something you have to deal with.

Investment and financial management were once subjects far from the curriculum in the school of cool But with financial stability and success are now winning millennial hearts, it’s your chance to make it even cooler.

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