Excuses Undermine Financial Appointment Setting « ledgerleads_blog

Excuses Undermine Financial Appointment Setting

August 23rd, 2014

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In a typical corporate setting, there’s a lot of rigidity. Stern CEOs are often depicted as no-nonsense heads of the enterprise state with little to no tolerance for excuses 카카오그룹 pc버전 다운로드.

That’s why it shouldn’t surprise you that making excuses only undermines your financial appointment setting campaign. But then again, how sure are that you’re truly free from the habit 사유서 양식 다운로드?

When excuses become the default line of defense for business institutions, you’ll know something’s very wrong Show Me the Money 7 3. Look at Bank of America, HSBC, and JP Morgan. They’re the giants of the financial services industry and also the faces of everything that might be wrong with it.

And what’s worse is that those faces affect everything being done by the marketing arm of your own organization, including their appointment setting campaign. Think disassociation is going to cut it? Think again. The shadow being cast by the bigger players isn’t that easy to escape from.

Your best course of action, really, is to stop making excuses. You might think that you’ve never really offered any excuse but simply explained as to why your customer didn’t ‘get it right.’ But again, ask yourself. Are you trying to save face or are you trying serve? Here’s the difference:

  • You have a strong sense of compatibility – Appointment setting campaigns are meant to help you get a stronger understanding of a prospect’s organization. That includes not just their size but also their history, their workplace culture, their vision etc. With all that information, how can you not measure compatibility?
  • You’re willing to dive inside the funnel – Accompanying a prospect during their buyer’s journey isn’t the same as bombarding them every step of the way. Nurturing prospects means you’re willing to hear their problems and get involved for the solution. Don’t rely on the advice column of your newsletter to finish the job. Make calls. Ask to pay a visit.
  • You don’t use defense to destroy rapport – Finally, you realize that the defense of your institution shouldn’t be at the expense of rapport between yourself and your customers. Rapport isn’t just built by promises to help but keeping those promises no matter their weight of accountability.

Slipping into excuses is a lot easier than you think. After all, it’s rooted in a very primal defense mechanism found in all businesses. What should be stronger though is the dedication you always promise your prospects (whether in your appointment setting campaign or sales appointments).

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