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Appointment Setting – Bringing Ma/Pa Home Just In Time

November 6th, 2013

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When you think of the holiday season, holiday classics aren’t that far in people’s minds 삼성 갤럭시 드라이버 다운로드. Ever notice something though? A lot of these movies are all about parents missing out on their kids. Just look at Hook, The Santa Clause, and Jingle All The Way for some really popular examples 어바웃 타임 자막 다운로드.

If you’re an appointment setter, that should say a lot to you. If your target market is anyone in the C-suite (or even just managerial positions will do), it should say a whole lot more YouTube as a short word.

While you can cite statistics and dispute with actual facts, that stereotype sticks hard. It’s still painfully easy to imagine business folks never getting to spend time with their kids (assuming they even have any).

But hey, who says they don’t want to change that either right? It’s not like they ALL want to stuff their schedules with appointments over Thanksgiving dinners.

This is where your job as an appointment setter comes in. You’ve already got prospects ready to sort out their time. Don’t make it any harder with poor scheduling habits! Here are a few tips that can keep your attempts to score prospects from messing up everyone’s holiday plans.

  • Don’t presume a prospect’s schedule is all business – Okay, so you know when they’re not in the office but is that all? Don’t forget that it’s the holiday season! Avoid suggesting days that are way, waaaaay too close to a day off. Most likely, they’ll already have plans for them anyway.
  • More business for them isn’t always more for you – Some might argue that there are businesses that literally thrive only during this time of year. But guess what? That has more to do with their own customers than they are being yours. Unless your financial services can somehow help with hordes of holiday shoppers, you’ll only compromise their focus.
  • Avoid compromising your own plans too – This isn’t just for the good of your prospects. It’s also for you! Don’t you have your own holiday plans? Even if a prospect will consider scheduling close to a holiday (perish the thought really), that’s not worth squeezing out your own time off. (And yes, apparently even high profile bank execs get ordered to.)

It’s not just about the kids. Remember, holiday classics tend to be big family-friendly films so it’s really more about family than just parenting. You don’t think all your prospects took the path of a lonely, old Scrooge do you? Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah or whatever, good scheduling should also make sure everyone gets home in time.

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