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Accounting Leads Aren’t Always Sold on Tools

October 18th, 2014

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It’s not unusual for any outsource service to show off its hardware. It’s a way to demonstrate your company’s competency and you keep up with the times Araxis merge. Take note though, your accounting leads won’t necessarily be at top quality just by showing off your toys.

Here’s a surprising example: Netflix three-paddle emoji. Even now, people are still hailing it as a pioneer that could send the TV industry into permanent retirement.

That didn’t stop its stock price from crashing Labview 2015.

If a company as celebrated at could still suffer some serious corporate pitfalls, what makes your accounting firm an exception?

Imagine this: Your company pitches your database and your processing tools as the main feature of your whole value proposition. But guess what? You’re still an accounting company. You’re the one who still uses the tools. Otherwise, you might as well just be selling the software. Oh wait. You can’t? You’re doing this because the accounting software vendors are somehow stealing your market share?

Then you can see why your prospects have a flawed impressions that could be killing your accounting leads. It’s like HBO and CBS trying to one-up Netflix by announcing their own OTT streaming services. That doesn’t meant they’re about to fully abandon the television. Neither does it mean their new ventures are really going to succeed against Netflix.

It’s like an accounting company claiming to integrate big data tools and high-end security features in its database. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can really compete with those who are solely providing the tools and not the service.

The key is to balance the marketing of your tools with that of your other resources:

  • Mention tools first but not forever – You can mention what kind of tools you use but don’t keep talking about them. Talk about your actual services. Yes, you can explain how these tools help you perform but your prospects need to know what that performance actually entails.
  • Have guides for using those tools – A common objection from prospects could be that they already have this or that new database novelty. This is actually a good opportunity to show how much better you are when using these same tools.
  • Show what tools can’t accomplish – Finally, it’s hard to argue with skill that can’t be replaced by mere tools. The accounting process will take more than just larger memory banks and advanced algorithms to really keep smooth and efficient. Your real asset has always been the process itself. It’s not just what you use to improve it.
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