Accounting Leads and the Power of Secrecy « ledgerleads_blog

Accounting Leads and the Power of Secrecy

September 20th, 2014

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Confidentiality is of utmost importance in the industry of accounting. Professionals are sworn to share financial information with only those who either the authority or the right 크롬 무설치 다운로드.

What you may not yet know is that all this secrecy is also a component in some lead generation tactics.

It’s tough trying to strike the balance between your own right to swear confidentiality and the right of customers to know Hangul Viewer for Mac. Coming up with a list of items that fall under one or the other is just the start. Sometimes there are items that end up switching and you need to strategize 권나무 다운로드.

Yet it is here that you can see the power of secrecy being in play. Ever made the following observations?

  • You clean your slate for better marketing – So you made mistakes in the past and paid the price for it. Wouldn’t it only be fair that you clean out any and all marketing resources that led to this mistake? To that end, you make policies that discourage ever raising the issue among your employees. The past is past and even Google is being called to respect the right to be forgotten.
  • Security is just another word for secrecy – Suppose that part of your value proposition is rigid security of your customer’s accounting data. But when you think about it, the very idea of keeping information from unauthorized access makes it a secret. And while some prospects might mistrust this tendency, it can be very appealing if you suggest that this is something they can have for themselves.
  • Secrecy sells – It’s said that having a trade secret gives you an aura of mystique. Why not roll with that more often? From Google’s algorithm to the upcoming designs of the next Samsung device, it does stir a bit of excitement. In your case, make a secret out of your own unique accounting practices that put them above even the departments of Fortune 500 companies.

Secrecy doesn’t always have to inspire mistrust and a tendency to cover up mistakes. Used properly, it can repair the bad image that’s been crippling your marketing campaign as well as create a mystical appeal that attracts more accounting leads.

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