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2 Lead Generation Lessons From Deviants

February 25th, 2013

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Lead Generation, Financial Services Lead Generation, Sales LeadsPeople who go against social norms both willingly and unwillingly are those who we label as deviants ninjago videos. Social norms are what we believe is acceptable behavior in a given context. Okay, now you may be asking yourself just what could you possibly learn from societal deviants when it comes to financial services lead generation Pygmalion?

Businesses all around are competing with each other in terms of acquiring new customers. Well, it isn’t really a wonder since customers mean sales, and sales are what keep companies alive 이클립스 다크테마 다운로드. Money is without a doubt the lifeblood of business, and without it companies would not be able to operate. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of world we would be living in without businesses.

Since businesses are vying with each other for more customers, it would then be important for these organizations to be able to enact productive and effective lead generation programs. Without a solid strategy then a company would not be able to attract new customers and make sales.

So now about deviants, what we can learn from them when it comes to lead generation?

Deviants can attract peoples’ attention.

Deviants easily attract the attention of us everyday people whether they want it or not. Because of their rather different behavior, their actions more or less catch our eyes. Businesses, however, are busy trying to beat each other when it comes to their customers’ attention and end up gaining less visibility in the eyes of their target market instead.

The behavior that deviants have is a great example of what businesses should think about in marketing – being unique, being different. Instead of trying to do what your competitors are doing (although at times you must), you can instead try to go against the flow. If you’re lucky, you may just catch the attention of your customers for being different.

Deviants aren’t scared to try new things.

Those who deviate from the norms of society aren’t quick to fear giving new things a shot. In fact, some of the people who we can actually call deviants enjoy being able to try out something new. This is another lesson which businesses can learn from.

An old company, for example, may have seen success in the past. In today’s day and age however, the same cannot be said if the company in question does not try to integrate the current trends. A good example is the ever growing need for up-to-date technology and software in helping businesses function. Generating business to business leads – accounting leads, financial planning leads, financing leads, insurance leads – means you have to try something new at times. Don’t stick to the same old methods – it’s a sure way to get beaten by your competitors.

Deviants are people who just do things; some deviants do things on a whim and others to purposely draw attention to themselves. As a business, you want the attention in order to have a better chance at attracting customers. And well, deviants are among the best people to learn from when it comes to warranting attention.

Use these 2 lessons from deviants in helping your sales lead generation strategy do better at attracting new customers.

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