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What We Do

Generating Top-Quality Sales Leads & Appointments for the Accounting, Financial, And Insurance Services Industry…

Since 2004, Ledger Leads has been a leading direct marketing solutions provider delivering professional telemarketing services for sales lead generation and appointment setting in the financial services sector. We enable firms in the industry to reach out to their target market more effectively and efficiently, helping them achieve sales growth by generating qualified finance leads and setting high-quality professional services sales appointments.

 Ledger Leads has extensive experience working with accounting and tax specialists, credit institutions, financial advisors, and insurance agents worldwide, connecting them with their target customers, promoting their professional services and setting appointments for their sales team.In particular, we focus on four key segments in the financial services sector: accounting/tax, insurance, financial planning, and financing/loans appointment setting services.Our specialists have in-depth marketing expertise in these verticals, allowing for smoother campaign deployment and minimal setup time.

 Accounting and Tax Appointment Setting

 Ledger Leads is home to telemarketing specialists who can help you tap into virtually any market or segment you want for prospective accounting customers. Along with our extensive contact database of companies from a diverse range of industries, our experts follow a proven prospecting process to make sure that every accounting lead and appointment delivered is as sales-ready as possible.

 Insurance Appointment Setting

 Ledger Leads also employs telemarketing agents who specialize in setting insurance appointments on behalf of firms who want to reach and connect with the right audience. We make sure your brand of insurance services is placed in front of key decision-makers, influencers, and buyers to get you ahead of the competition. We are experts at promoting life insurance, employee benefits, commercial insurance, auto Insurance, property insurance, and accident/unemployment insurance.

 Financial Planning Appointment Setting

 Ledger Leads provides lead generation and appointment setting expertise that enable us to closely work with financial planning and other financial services companies on a day-to-day basis. As such, we are an ideal marketing partner for organizations providing wealth management, risk management, management advisory services, tax planning, estate planning, and cash flow & liability management solutions.

 Financing and Loans Appointment Setting

 Ledger Leads delivers prospects seeking credit and financing to lending institutions looking to grow their client base. Our telemarketing specialists in this area are able to qualify b2b leads according to credit-worthiness and other requirements set by our clients. We are well-versed with promoting financing packages such as corporate financing, trade financing, commercial real estate financing, commercial lending, and debt financing.

 Generating Leads & Appointments through a Trademark Process Designed for Marketing in the Financial Sector…

 Ledger Leads follows a tried-and-tested process of effective business-to-business telemarketing in the financial sector to ensure the highest quality at every level. Briefly, our process can be described as follows:

 1.      Identifying your potential clients.

 2.      Contacting key decision makers.

 3.      Qualifying them based on B.A.N.T. (budget, authority, need, and timeline).

 4.      Putting you right in front of them so you can make the sale.

 Generating Leads & Appointments by Building Trust & Credibility…

 The financial sector is built on trust and confidence. Ledger Leads makes sure that these are reflected in the way we conduct our campaigns. We believe that building relationships creates trust and consistency gives credibility. Each financial lead or appointment we deliver has been handled with the utmost care and consideration for our client’s reputation. We uphold security and confidentiality in our telemarketing practices.

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